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After working as a cosmetologist for over 20 years, Cori Saulsberry was inspired to create a skincare line designed for melanated skin types during the nationwide shutdown in 2020. One year later, her dream of creating Bronze Glory was born. Cori shared a few insights she gathered while creating the collection including her goals for the future of the brand: 


  • How did you come up with the idea for Bronze Glory?

Great first question! Being in the cosmetology industry for close to twenty years has allowed me to build a life and career that has grown my passion for all things beauty. This passion led me to envision Bronze Glory. Honestly, the 2020 shut down allowed me the time to expand my knowledge of skin and how to care for it. I wanted clean, organic skincare that actually worked for my skin so I decided to create my own collection. 


  • How did you come up with the name Bronze Glory? 

I have always been drawn to the word and color Bronze. Something about it speaks to me, but GLORY is the action word. Working behind the chair as a stylist I’ve always endeavored to help my guests feel beautiful and happy when they look in the mirror.  That's what Glory is for me; praising who I naturally am, honoring myself. Also, my grandmother's name is Gloria and she has had a big impact on how I was introduced to beauty. 


  • How did you use your experience as a professional cosmetologist to come up with the formula for your products?

My background in cosmetology gave me the foundational knowledge of hair, skin, and nail care. I’ve learned which ingredients produce the best results and throughout my career I have learned the importance of formulating to ensure proper efficacy for better results.   


  • What are some of the most valuable lessons you have learned when creating Bronze Glory?

PATIENCE. I happen to be a self diagnosed control freak, so when things don't happen in my assumed timeframe or in the way I would prefer, I can get antsy lol! I am thankful for the journey, all good things take time!   


  • Bronze Glory is PETA Certified. What does the PETA Certification mean?

It was very important to me and the brand to gain our PETA certification. Every product formulated for Bronze Glory is ethically sourced, organic, and cruelty free. Bronze Glory is committed to practicing sustainable efforts now and in the future.


  • What do you see in the future for Bronze Glory?

Expansion. We’re just getting started and I hope that you will continue to follow and support our journey as we create clean, sustainable, reliable products that fit into your everyday lifestyle.

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