Meet our Founder

With over two decades of experience in the beauty industry and a graduate of Pivot Point International, Cori Saulsberry is a seasoned professional with a passion for all things beauty.

In 2020, Cori embarked on a personal journey of self-care and wellness that inspired her to explore a new venture. She wanted to combine her hair care experience with her dedication to encouraging others to embrace their natural beauty. This prompted her to take on a new challenge: skincare.

As a licensed cosmetologist, Cori was familiar with utilizing natural elements to achieve optimal results for her clients. She leveraged this knowledge in sourcing ingredients for her new skincare line. After extensive research and testing, Cori developed Bronze Glory, a collection of essential skincare products that promote natural beauty and wellness. Each product in the collection is made with the finest organic ingredients and is designed to reveal supple, nourished skin with every use.