Do You Need a Day Cream and a Night Cream?

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A complete skincare routine has items that soothe and protect during the daytime and the evening. If you are new to skincare or prefer a more simplified regimen, you may wonder if you need both a day cream and a night cream in your routine. Depending on your skin type and lifestyle, you may want to use only one of these but, there are benefits to incorporating both into your skincare routine.

Day Cream

A good skincare routine should have a day cream to keep skin moisturized and hydrated during the day. Formulations made for daytime use are often more lightweight than nighttime creams because they are designed to be worn under sunscreens, primers, and makeup. Day creams also provide additional moisture after daytime treatments, such as Vitamin C serums and toners. The Bronze Glory MSTRZR: Balancing Moisture Cream has a light texture and protects skin from irritation and dryness during the day.

Night Cream

The skin repairs and restores itself while we sleep. Night cream aids in this restoration process by providing the skin with slow-absorbing ingredients that treat skin in the evening, which is why night creams often have a thicker consistency than day creams. They often have anti-aging or acne-fighting ingredients that are most effective if used in the evening (these ingredients can make skin more sensitive to the sun and work best when used at night). Bronze Glory’s NGHT CRM: Vitamin A Treatment is made with retinol to target signs of premature aging and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin after a long day of sun exposure. Our night cream deeply penetrates the skin’s surface and hydrates while working to reduce acne, blemishes, and signs of aging while you sleep.

Do you need both?

Most experts agree that both day and night creams have beneficial effects on the skin. Day creams moisturize the skin under sunscreen and makeup during the day, while night creams have anti-aging and acne-fighting ingredients to revive and rejuvenate skin in the evening. A well-rounded skincare regimen would ideally include both of these however, if you would like to simplify your routine or if you have sensitive skin and would like to limit the use of retinol, using a day cream in both the morning and evening can give your skin the hydration it needs without causing any harm to the skin. 

Try the Bronze Glory MSTRZR: Balancing Moisture Cream in the daytime for hydrated skin during the day and the Bronze Glory NGHT CRM: Vitamin A Treatment in the evening to repair skin and fight acne and signs of aging while you sleep.

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