How to Use Facial Tools at-home

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Skincare has evolved over the years from just the practice of washing and moisturizing the face and body to a self-care practice where many take time to pamper and care for themselves. If you have found yourself just “going through the motions” with your skincare routine, or if you are looking to see more benefits from your products, incorporating facial tools, like a facial roller or gua sha, can upgrade your routine.

What are facial tools?

Facial tools are designed to target specific skin issues and enhance a skincare routine. Some of the most common tools include facial rollers and gua sha. These are beginner-friendly and have been used organically for centuries to sculpt and depuff the skin. They are often made of crystals that are believed to have healing properties such as jade, rose quartz, and clear quartz. Bronze Glory currently has facial rollers and gua sha available to help elevate your skincare routine and provide a pampering, spa-like experience at home.

Who should use them?

Anyone looking to improve the look and feel of their skin or increase the effectiveness of their products can use these tools. This added step can also provide a much-needed moment of indulgence to your self-care practice. When using facial tools, remember to use gentle pressure and avoid inflamed areas of the skin. A gua sha, for example, should not be used on areas with blemishes or acne because the scraping motion could further irritate the skin, causing more inflammation. 

How do I use these tools at home?

Facial rollers and gua sha are simple to use with proper instruction and can provide visible benefits after only the first treatment when used correctly:

Facial roller instructions:

- Apply your favorite serum or moisturizer (we recommend the Bronze Glory SRM or MSTRZR)

- Gently place the large end of the roller at the base of the neck and roll upward. Roll outward from the nose area when using on the face.

- Continue this upward rolling motion on the face using light pressure. If you experience redness or pain, the pressure is too hard.

- Use the smaller end of the roller underneath the eyes and on any delicate areas such as the nose and brow bone.

Gua sha instructions:

- Apply your favorite moisturizer (we recommend the Bronze Glory MSTRZR or NGHT CRM)

- Place the gua sha at the base of the neck and use a gentle, scraping motion upwards toward the jawline.

- Continue scraping upward, covering the chin, jawline, and mouth areas.

- Using the tool, scrape outwards across the cheeks, under eyes, and across eyebrows.

- Continue scraping upwards on the forehead into the hairline area.

Typically the facial roller is used to depuff the skin after waking up in the morning while the gua sha is used in the evening to sculpt the face. Try our Clear Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha and elevate your skincare routine.

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